Global Lithuanian Leaders and Global Shapers Community join forces to accelerate youth leadership in the regions of Lithuania. We are happy to announce that since December 2017, around 30 events will take place in smaller towns engaging active youth who are eager to generate a chance of their hometowns. At the same time, the community of City Alumni, the active citizens who left their towns but are eager to contribute and help for its development, become like mentors for young active citizens back home. We believe that all together we can make a change.

The activities of the project:

  1. 14 Change-making workshops in different towns of Lithuania
  2. 10 Training on different skills needed to make an impact
  3. 6 Regional Forums dedicated to connect people, ideas and set the strategic visions of the regional cities.

The events are announced HERE.

The project „Youth Involvement in the Development of the Hometowns“ (Nr. 10.1.2-ESFA-K-917-01-0011) is funded by: