On 3 January 2014, the brightest Lithuanians and other highly accomplished individuals were honoured at the Global Lithuanian Awards 2013 in the Presidential Palace for their achievements in science, business and culture and for their work, contributing towards the strengthening of the country’s positions in the world.

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43 nominees from 13 countries were proposed for awards for promoting Lithuania’s name in the spheres of culture, sport, science and business.

“It is your accomplishments that create the image of a dynamic, modern and strong nation. They inspire all of us to have faith in our country and to work for its future. You are a model example of what can be achieved when there is ambition, self-confidence and the will to work for the good of your country,” the President said.

Global contacts and world Lithuanian gatherings can create a competitive advantage and added value for the whole Lithuania, according to the President. She underlined that success stories of these people are the acknowledgement of Lithuania worldwide.

Global Lithuanian Awards were presented for promotion of exports, implemented international innovations, encouragement of youth leadership, attraction of investments, brain exchange, and promotion of Lithuania’s name around the world. Special nomination has been established to friends of Lithuania.

His eminence cardinal Audrys Juozas Bačkis has been rewarded for his lifetime achievements by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania.

Angelė Kavak, founder and director of “Food Depot International”, was honored in the category of Promotion of Lithuanian exports for sincere efforts of promotion of Lithuanian produce in the USA through organization of international conferences and for the establishment of quality brand “Product of Lithuania” and its presentation in the US market.

Cynthia Pasky, founder and CEO of “Strategic Staffing Solutions”, was awarded in the category of Attraction of investments for the promotion of positive image of Lithuania to the potential investors which effected the choice of Barclays, Western Union and Intermedix in their search for favourable investment environment.

Augustinas, Dominykas and Kristijonas Vizbaras were honored in the category of Implemented innovations for bringing international science experience back to Lithuania and establishing laboratory of laser technologies. Their inventions have already attracted interest of more than 160 companies around the world from Japan to the USA.

Musician Martynas Levickis accepted the World Lithuanian 2013 award for international music awards for exceptional performance of classical and most modern music on accordion.

Swedish translator, publicist and film-maker Jonas Ohman was honored as Sincere friend of Lithuania for the promotion of Lithuania through the produced and directed documentaries on the post-war history of Lithuania:  ”Red Years”, “Trajectory of Freedom”, and many more.

Olympic champion in swimming Rūta Meilutytė was awarded as Young global talent who has worked hard and has reached impressive results in the name of Lithuania.

Director of Schneider Children’s Medical Center Dr. Joseph Press was awarded in the Brain exchange category for tight relations with Lithuanian doctors and medical institutions, their professional partnerships and help to Lithuanian children in medical attendance.

Milda Dargužaitė, director of “Invest Lithuania” , was honored in the category of Leadership encouragement for promoting youth leadership in the public sector, for initiating project “Create for Lithuania” which brings back young talented people from abroad who want to contribute to the well-being of Lithuania.

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