Use Today’s Powerful Message of Lithuanian Independence to Stop Business with Russia


Over a fortnight ago, an abominable Kremlin regime invaded Ukraine. And over a generation ago (32 years ago on the 11th of March), Lithuania – our motherland, declared independence from an abominable regime in the Kremlin – different yet the same.

Just the same as Lithuanians 32 years ago, Ukrainians today face the same struggle for freedom and independence from tyranny, the same civilisational fight of ours.

Yet we, as the West, have not yet done our part to bolster the final frontier of democracy.

Yes, we pressured some of our companies to cease operations in Russia. And yet – some continue to partake in a $700m-a-day West-Russia trade. They keep paying taxes to finance the Kremlin’s military machine, and consequently – its war crimes.

We need to isolate the Russian regime immediately and absolutely to stop Putin’s war.

We invite global Lithuanians to use your influence and become a trumpet in your professional communities to urge these companies terminate their operations in Russia and  therefore #StopPutinsWarMachine. 


  1. Choose a company to address directly or publicly. Use lists provided above. Use a text template we prepared to use:
  2.  Use your social media to urge the company to withdraw from Russia. Here are some good examples: ,,
  3. Talk to influential media why it is important to stop business with Russia. Here is a good example from Agnia Grigas PhD talking to Bloomberg:

Use a message of Lithuanian independence to help Ukraine TODAY!

Happy Day of Restitution of Independence of Lithuania!

GLL team under #GLLexecs4Ukraine initiative

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