31 August 2013, the founding meeting of the Global Belarusian Leaders (GBL) took place in the very heart of Lithuania – the City Hall of Vilnius. The team have expressed their appreciation to Global Lithuanian Leaders for inspiring them and supporting in establishing such network for Belorussia-affiliated professionals.

The main goal of the project is to unite all successful Belarusians into a unique network to enforce professional cooperation and collaboration through the development of the Advisor’s Program, reinforcing contacts between the leaders in different fields, and organization of local meetings and events, and creating closer networks of GBL members located in different countries.

The day of the establishment of the organization was marked by enthusiasm and active participation of guests. The founding meeting was attended by about thirty professionals living both in Belarus and abroad. In such an inspiring atmosphere a number of discussions and workshops took place. Most of them were focused on the official establishment and functioning of the organization.

During the upcoming years GBL plans to strengthen the organization by spreading the information about their network, developing adviser’s program and holding annual meetings.