GLL have always believed in the value of life communication, therefore, this season, the efforts shall be made to organize regular meetings of Business Advisors visiting and residing in Lithuania in order to make the program of GLL Business Advisors a platform of informal networking among people willing to share.

As August is widely known as a month of traveling and holidays, GLL have got hold of six Business Advisors in Vilnius and invited them for a cosy get-together with a glass of wine.

GLL Board Members V.Lašas, M.Lepeška, T.Langaitis, D.Dargis as well as Director Kotryna Stankutė used this opportunity to thank John Mack, President & CEO of CIE Automotive (China), Kęstutis Eidukonis, Managing Director at KE-International (USA),  Alminas Žaldokas,Assistant Professor of Finance at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong), Marishka Ziurina, Luxury & Fashion Brand Consultant at 7TWENTY (France), Algirdas Rukšėnas, Independent Consultant (Lithuania), for their active involvement as well as receive valuable advise for the further development of the program.

The participants view this program as the chance to enhance international cooperation as well as make Lithuania more visible and appreciated on international scene.