GLL| Global Lithuanian Leaders and Lithuanian Business Confederation in a partnership with Enterprise Lithuania and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted the fifth World Lithuanian Economic Forum (WLEF) on 3 June 2013 in Vilnius, Litexpo.

President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė congratulated the event virtually and underlined the importance of Lithuania’s diaspora in creating a more competitive and better country by bringing knowledge, contacts, raising capital and creating new jobs.

World Lithuanian Economic Forum is the largest economic event to gather leading Lithuania-affiliated business personalities and experts from around the world. The event creates an excellent venue for discussions about the Lithuania’s stand in a global world from the eyes of many international professionals and look for the best solutions for country’s further development.

The keynote speaker, former mayor of Bogota and the Colombian presidential elections candidate Dr. Antanas Mockus, shared his experience and a number of advices how to manage the cities effectively creating the best living conditions and the balanced environment for communities. He also promised to help creating the action plan on increasing the Gross National Happiness index in Lithuania. Ruta J. Laukien, director at C.W. Downer, emphasized on the need highly skilled people and encouraged to include entrepreneurship programs in schools and universities. John Mack, the president of “CIE Automotive” in China said he is going to use his international connections to bring foreign investors to Lithuania. He also encouraged to get rid of the idea that Lithuania is small or too small country for the large business. The most important things, according to J. Mack, is how outstanding you can be and how fast you manage to grow.

These and many more talented professionals who gained experience working with such companies as “Facebook“, „McKinsey & Company“, „Virgin Group“, „General Motors“, „Shell International“, „J.P. Morgan“, „Wikipedia“ and studying in such universities as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia, California and Oxford shared their insights in topics of global macro economic challenges and country economic growth, human development, global urbanization, smart industrial development, entrepreneurship, technology & progress and many more.

The recording and photos of the event will be available soon in WLEF website www.plef.lt

The event was broadcasted via www.lrt.lt and www.delfi.lt