ProClubs Meet New Head of Invest Lithuania Elijus Čivilis


Meeting with Invest LithuaniaThis season of monthly meetings of Clubs of Lithuanian Professionals Abroad has the novelty – guest-speakers representing Lithuanian government institutions working with the professional diaspora. This gives an opportunity for direct and informal information exchange and the establishment of common grounds for communication and cooperation.
The first Tuesday of November featured the General Manager of Lithuanian investment and talent attraction agency Invest Lithuania Elijus Čivilis. He eagerly shared his visionary outlook upon the global standing of Lithuania.

First of all, he took a few generous minutes to express his sincere gratitude to the professional diaspora and ProClubs in particular for the unconditional devotion of time and energy to make Lithuania open to diversity, respectful of human values, creative in the global competition.
In the view of global challenges and attention trends – of climate change, migration, and cyber-security – Elijus Čivilis suggested the professional diaspora take up a guiding and coaching role of #TeamLithuania coordinating actions to score points on the global scene. The global position Lithuania as a state has achieved so far (competing with many times larger economies on equal terms) happened thanks to hardworking and exceptionally effective talent. At this point of development, talent is what Lithuania lacks most mainly due to discouraging public policies, imbalanced higher education.
Until the essential reforms of the public sector and education take place, ProClubs could direct their efforts towards native regions of Lithuania where personal connections and sincere attachment may shorten the chain of ineffective and discouraging command. 
GLL is proud to have a special category of Global Lithuania Awards noticing and acknowledging global Lithuanian returning to their native towns and villages with innovative and socially responsible improvements –