President Dalia Grybauskaite Becomes a Patron of


President Dalia Grybauskatė became a patron of the GLL and Swedbank joint initiative, a database of women professionals, that is amplifying women’s expert voices
in the public discourse.

Profesionalė seeks to open new professional opportunities for Lithuanian women in the country and in the world, to make the best use of the accumulated knowledge and experience, and to be noticed and heard. This is important, necessary, and worthy of support” says President D. Grybauskaitė.

According to a study conducted by Mediaskopas in August-October 2020, men were quoted twice more often in the media – they appear in 67 percent of the content, while women only appear in 33%. Women experts were mostly invited to comment on topics such as society, human rights, education, and equal opportunities. The media analysis presented by the Lithuanian Journalism Center in December shows that the comments of women experts in the most popular national media accounted for only 30% of citations in the media. The open database of women experts makes it easier for media representatives, event organizers, and other content creators to find women experts who are ready to share their knowledge, insights, and experience. GLL and Swedbank hope, that the platform will help discover unheard voices and thus balance the public discourse with more female voices.

The platform, which was opened at the end of February, currently has more than three hundred women registered. “Since the launch of the platform, we have gathered a huge team of experts from various fields: from security, defense, economics to communication, energy or law. Among those registered are women who work not only in Lithuania, but also abroad” says Marija Šaraitė, the author of the idea of ​​the Profesionalė platform.

Every woman expert is welcome to register at the platform. Make your voice heard, register here: