For the fourth year in a row Global Lithuanian Leaders | GLL organize Global Lithuanian Awards which are meant to reward the remarkable talent, exceptional vision, and responsible ambition of Global Lithuanians and Lithuania-connected people who have been contributing to the prosperity and global standing of Lithuania.

We turn to network members with the request to nominate outstanding personalities and their achievements for the due recognition and promotion of their positive impact.


Categories of the Awards:

  • For attracted investments
  • For implemented innovations
  • For promotion of Lithuania-born ideas worldwide
  • For reunion of Lithuanians abroad
  • For brain exchange
  • For promotion of the name of Lithuania
  • For input to the development of regions

Criteria for selection:

  • Substantial international experience
  • Tight relations with Lithuania
  • Tangible input to the growth and competitiveness of Lithuania

Thank you!

More information www.gllawards.lt