GLL Business Advisors is the program which brings together Lithuania’s experienced international professionals to advice for Lithuania’s growing companies, emerging innovators and entrepreneurs. Every month more and more international professionals of Lithuanian affiliation eager to offer their knowledge and experience, professional network and connections join the initiative. This March a number of new Business Advisors joined the program:

  • Diana Placiakiene (Diana Placiakiene, Owner at Baltic Solutions (US),
  • Jurate Virkutyte (Chief Environmental Officer at Hammontree & Associates, Director of Operations (Cincinnati OH, USA),
  • Marishka Ziurina (Luxury & Fashion Brand Consultant at 7TWENTY (France),
  • Sigita Valentukeviciute (Lecturer at Université Paris-Est, ISCPA, IS-ER, ISEL (France),
  • Eleonora Jonusiene (Director, Global Consumer Insights & Research at Warner Bros Entertainment (USA).

See the rest of the participants. GLL team and Network welcome them and invite more professionals to apply and share their knowledge!