Living with COVID-19: ex-pats rethink locating back to Lithuania


Flashback from the largest business leaders’ conference in the Baltics #EBIT – our friends and partners at GLL, at the beginning of September in Vilnius!

TRIBES Global Leaders Search (born at GLL) founders Dalia Petkevičienė and Irma Žilėnienė attended this “new-normal” major business leaders’ outdoor event in Vilnius. What a long-missed live networking opportunity with many of the candidates & clients it was. Many international speakers – such as the key-note himself – Wikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales – were thrilled by Vilnius – as their first-timer back on live stage LIVE after a few months of COVID 19 lockdown. Big applause to organizers indeed!

Happy to share some take-outs:

 – Most of the leading economists were optimistic about Lithuania’s economy and its positive migration trends. Economist Zygimantas Mauricas named that one of the seven miracles of the Lithuanian economy is a record-breaking (+4000) number of incoming migrants (mainly returnees!). Headhunters at TRIBES Global Leaders Search witness this trend at the daily meet-ups with new candidates and talk to the GLL network members. Expat candidates with over 20+ international experience living in some global mega-cities like London or New York – are re-evaluating their opportunities to relocate back to Lithuania. Exactly NOW, when the big -city -life has lost its main benefits, some are re-considering to live through this uncertain time back at home. Lithuania is ranked highly for its fast COVID-19 first wave recovery, cities- in-the-woods balance, online services, and fast WiFi.

“What you expect is what will happen” is yet another miracle from the seven ones, outlined by Zygimantas Mauricas, relating to the principles of behavioral economics by prof. Robert Shiller, Nobel-winning economist of Lithuanian descent. Mr. Mauricas named Lithuanians’ positive expectations as one reason for a slow economic fall down and market positivity post-COVID-19 first-wave crisis.

Ironically, COVID-19 allowed Lithuania to move up to the prosperous EU countries’ level as fast as never before. 

Cheers to our miraculous country!
Dalia Petkevičienė, GLL Co-founder