“Global Lithuanian Leaders” (GLL) network, which connects Lithuanian professionals around the world, in cooperation with the “Enterprise Lithuania”, made a visit to the United States at the end of April. The events held in New York and Chicago attracted some 150 professionals from different areas important for Lithuania.

The aim of the events was to extend the network of Lithuanian professionals from different business areas. Currently the “Global Lithuanian Leaders” network connects more than 700 professionals from 45 different countries who associate themselves with Lithuania and have international experience. During the USA meetings, participants discussed about Lithuania’s progress, future perspectives, development opportunities and how Lithuanian professionals having valuable international experience could contribute developing further country’s reputation around the world.

The meetings with Lithuanian origin professionals were organized in cooperation with Lithuanian consulates, Lithuanian communities in the US and organizations run by professionals in those cities. In order to enrich and inspire the discussions about the importance of global thinking and successful in their careers professionals’ contribution to the country’s development, GLL invited inspiring guest speakers to share their personal experience about building and keeping the strong relations with Lithuania and sustaining its reputation in the international markets.

The star of the meeting in New York became the Lithuanian-American Mrs. Cynthia Pasky, founder and manager of “Strategic Staffing Solutions”. She received the “Global Lithuania” award for attracting many foreign investments to Lithuania. Mrs. Pasky invited international Lithuanians to become investment ambassadors, by saying that a flight ticket to Lithuania for a potential investor is already a guarantee of a successful business. As she stated: “The most important thing is to bring investors to the country, then an investment will be assured”, by highlighting the favorable investment opportunities in Lithuania and especially hard-working and intelligent employees. Her company has contributed to the development of Lithuanian economy by attracting the always growing international companies such as “Barclays“, ”Western Union“, ”Intermedix“ and others. She was backed up by Mr. Eric Stewart, the president of the US and Lithuanian Business Council, who encouraged the participants to be proud of the country, which due to the recent achievements in the economic development, was included into the list of developed countries by the International Monetary Fund.

The meeting in Chicago was very popular among Lithuanian entrepreneurs of different generations. Mrs. Angela Sinickas and Mr. Aurimas Adomavičius shared inspiring stories of successful collaboration with Lithuanian businesses. Angela Sinickas is the founder and manager of the internationally recognized communication performance evaluation company ”Sinickas Communications Inc”, and Aurimas Adomavičius is the co-owner and manager of the very profitable and successful IT company ,,Devbridge”.

Angela was very glad to admit that her professional experience and knowledge is a key factor maintaining the connection with her origin country – Lithuania. Even since her childhood, she already had the dream and willingness to support Lithuania’s development and sustainability. She realized a growing demand for the innovations of internal and external communication, which became the reason of many successfully implemented projects.

“Angela Sinickas is one of the most active participants in the GLL Business Advisors program supporting even three Lithuanian companies and sharing her personal experience with them. The program developed by “Enterprise Lithuania“ and “Global Lithuanian Leaders” organization is designed to provide assistance to growing Lithuanian businesses by sharing international experience. Angela is one of them, who helps with her valuable advises to uncover new export markets,” – gladly stated Kotryna Stankutė Jaščemskienė, manager of GGL. “In addition, Angela attends many business conferences, gives lectures in several Lithuanian universities, and spreads a good word to global professionals about Lithuania and the opportunities to invest here.”

The founder of a software developing company A. Adomavičius, got the confidence and trust in Lithuanian business environment while establishing his business branch in his hometown Kaunas. He was impressed by the great business environment, logistic infrastructure, intelligent and fast-learning specialists, which contributed to the fast and effective development of the new ambitious company.

“It is ironic, that the most talented IT specialists in Lithuania usually come from small towns and country sides, that is mainly because in the bigger cities there is still a common understanding that the only two highly demanded professions in the world are in law and medicine.” – A. Adomavičius joked.

“To love Lithuania and to contribute to its development can be done even while living in other places in the world” – claimed GLL manager Kotryna Stankutė-Jaščemskienė. She was encouraging the participants to support Lithuanian business with the valuable advises and help to attract new foreign investments to the country, to support Lithuanian youth by participating in the LT Big Brother mentorship program, to share own experience by delivering lectures in the country’s universities.

Check the photos of the events held in New York and Chicago.