September 4, Members and fellows of Lithuanian Lawyers’ Association’s Brussels branch enjoyed an outstanding dinner-discussion evening on the 4th of September in Brussels when they met Mr. Vygaudas Ušackas and his wife Loreta.

Vygaudas Ušackas is a Lithuanian diplomat, since September 2013 he has been the Head of the EU’s delegation in Russia. Prior to that he served as the Head of the EU mission for Afghanistan. He has also led Lithuania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was the Ambassador of Lithuania to the United States and Mexico, and then from 2006 until 2008 Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Mr. Ušackas was highly interested in activities of Lithuanian Lawyers’ Association Brussels branch. The most important current political and economic issues were discussed, especially the crisis in Ukraine, the key post recent European election challenges, attendees exchanged their visions of Lithuania.

It was a great honour and privilege to have an open discussion with Mr Ušackas and Mrs Loreta Bilkstytė-Ušackienė about issues of concern. It shows that Lithuanian lawyers of Brussels’ branch remain indifferent and curious” – said Ms Miglė Niauraitė, the President of the Lithuanian Lawyers Association in Brussels.

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