May 9, 2015 Lithuanian Business and Professionals Club in Stockholm held its Foundation Meeting.  22 Lithuanians, agreeing to Steering group proposition to establish the Club, attended the meeting.

The Club will aim to promote communication and cooperation between Lithuanian business men, artists, scientists and other professionals who live in Stockholm and surrounding areas for building up Lithuanian representatives’ network.  It will be the aspiration to become proficiency, information and contacts centre for Lithuanian representatives in Sweden.  Events and activities will be organized promoting exchange of ideas, experience, development and know-how in Sweden.

At the same time the Club is going to become a meeting spot for fun and interesting leisure time together.

The Club is going to continue conceived productive cooperation with Lithuanian Embassy in Sweden and Global Lithuanian Leaders Organization.  Also it will aim to cooperate with Lithuanian State institutions, public organizations, associated business structures, businessmen and cultural figures.

The Club will expand relationship with Sweden’s business and public organizations by exchanging expertness, information and by raising awareness about scientists, artists, businessmen and business culture in Lithuania.

During the meeting the club elected Board: chairman – Rūta Smertinienė, full board members:  Audrius Masiulionis, Martynas Urbelionis, Veronika Paulauskas, Dainius Jurevičius, deputy board members:  Regina Molina, Vita Gartė, Donatas Skidzevičius.

For more details and information on Lithuanian Business and Professionals Club in Stockholm please follow the link.