What’s your plan for Lithuanian Statehood day on Sunday? Whatever you do, make sure you stand with your right hand raised to your heart at 9:00 pm sharp and join Lithuanians all over the World to sing our national anthem Tautiska Giesme.

The idea of “National anthem across the globe” is simple as that: if you feel Lithuania is your homeland, on the day of Statehood at 9 pm stop for a moment and pay respect. Tautiska giesme will travel the world from mouth to mouth along with the light from Australia to Hawaii, being sung in Lithuanian communities and individually at 9 pm local time.

This unique nation’s tradition started back in 2009 with the legendary sailing voyage of the “Millennium Odyssey”. Upon the invitation of the “Millennium Odyssey” yachtsmen, the national anthem joined Lithuanian communities, in the homeland and scattered around the world, for a few historic moments. It was a nations’ way to proudly celebrate one thousand years anniversary of Lithuania. We have become the first nation to ever sing the national anthem simultaneously all over the world.

Ever since, a simple act of singing National Anthem at the same time on the July 6th turned into unique nations’ tradition.

“It is particularly great that the movement of singing the anthem of Lithuania across the Globe has a life of its own, regardless of our efforts and desires”, said Raimundas Daubaras, initiator of the project. “Lots of Lithuanian municipalities, global communities as well as private businesses say they will organize the singing of Tautiska giesme. People will gather to sing in town squares, bars, at friends’ homes, by the lakes, some even said they will sing with their families at the airports on their way to vacation. It has definitely turned into inherent part of our national identity.”

This simple peaceful act of unity is of special important now, in the light of events in Ukraine. With all our history behind, we can once again remind to the world that the simple peaceful act, when accomplished united by thousands, can turn into a great power, which is stronger than any act of aggression.

  • If you will join thousands of other Lithuanians and sing Tautiska giesme on Sunday, please let the organizers know – write us at info@tautiskagiesme.lt. The list of places is constantly updated here.
  • Join the initiative and share with friends on Facebook.
  • Make a video when you sing the Anthem and share it with organizers by uploading it on www.tautiskagiesme.lt. Out of all videos and pictures from across the Globe there will be a joined video roll made and shared with public.
  • Visit http://www.tautiskagiesme.ltfor more information!
  • If you would like to promote National Anthem in your community, please contact at info@tautiskagiesme.lt and we will send you promotion materials (video invitation, poster, banners, etc.)