On the occasion of the most recent visit of Antanas Mockus to Lithuania this March and the elections of new city councils and mayors, GLL has formulated the task to engage Global Lithuanian professionals in the cooperation with municipalities with intention to bring international expertise for the benefit of towns and cities of Lithuania. This July witnessed the first productive meetings of GLL representatives, GLL members  and Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Šimašius. „There are numerous areas where a good advise or working know-how would be more than necessary. Internal communication is just one of this many,“ he said at the very first meeting with GLA laureate, active GLL Business Advisor Angela Sinickas, president of Sinickas Communications. This was followed by the meeting with Eglė Garrick from Australia, an expert in urban development, who is interested in the reconstruction of river embankment and river involvement in the city life. The areas for improvement as well as the international expertise of our diaspora is unlimited.