The election process of honorees of Global Lithuanian Awards 2013 (GLA) is in progress. The GLA Selection Panel entitled to nominate and elect the honorees of GLA consists of GLA Honorees of last year Ray Bartkus, A.Mockus and V.Sniečkus, representative of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Gintė Damušis and prominent Lithuanians with international outlook Raimundas Daubaras, Mindaugas Glodas, Vladas Lašas, Rūta Skyrienė and Andrius Tapinas. The first meeting of GLA Selection Panel was held on 14th of November. They agreed on categories of GLA, procedure and main criteria of election. It was decided that honorees should be elected based on their international experience, tight relations with Lithuania, and concrete measurable achievements. All through the first half of December, the Selection Panel will be busy with evaluations and ratings. No matter what the outcome is, let us all find a moment to appreciate the efforts of global Lithuanians and open-hearted foreigners to put Lithuania on global stage.
List of nominees will be announced shortly.