French-Lithuanian expats working in finance & banking, legal, medicine, pharmacy, creative and other fields as well as businesses interested in French – Lithuanian economic development gathered in the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania on 22 April 2013.

A crowd of French based global Lithuanians, interested in sharing with professional experience, participated in the second meeting of Paris Club, which is established for strengthening the economic and business relations between Lithuania and France.

The event was opened by warm welcome by Mrs. Jolanta Balčiūnienė, Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania to France. Mrs. Jolanta emphasized the importance of cooperation between international professionals of Lithuania and fast- growing Lithuanian enterprises that would lead to success in expanding internationally.

GLLs Chair of the Board Mr. Vladas Lašas and project coordinator Aiste Zapalskyte invited French-Lithuanian professional to join the newest initiative GLL Business Advisors which is designed to bring together Lithuania’s most successful and experienced international professionals to help inspire, educate and enhance opportunities of Lithuania’s growing companies, emerging innovators and entrepreneurs.