GLL Online Swap | Vol 4 | Leading Business Through Uncertainty


DALIA PETKEVIČIENĖ |Lithuania | Co-founder of Global Lithuanian Leaders and Founding Partner at TRIBES Global Leaders Search, moderated a discussion with top Lithuanian global professionals from the USA, Brazil, Canada, Vietnam representing the areas of aviation, technologies, logistics and recruitment industries on:
— how they operate and lead their companies,
— what are their tips for crisis management,
— what they are expecting of changing economies of each different country and globally.
ANATOLIJUS FOURACRE | Vietnam | Head of Global Technology and Member of the Executive Board at Swiss Post Solutions | CEO at Swiss Post Solutions
The key factor for success of any business change or adjustment is careful consideration of cultural differences, very vivid in Asia.
Vietnam shall be defined as the society with eager acceptance of hierarchical relations and autocratic rule, with the tendency to deal with problems collectively and the preference of feminine approach to corporate relations.
This allowed to take COVID19 under control very fast by the announcement of local epidemic, strict lockdown and social distancing. So, by the end of March, the country was back on track and fully operational.
From the company standpoint, the early preventive reaction encouraged the digital upgrade fast and smooth, all contractual obligations were met in full. The short lockdown has allowed to get back to normal and preserve the same routines with more operations online.
It is predicted that the most obvious operational changes will take place in transportation and all levels of hospitality. It will definitely require global cooperation.
On optimistic note, people tend to perform best in the times of crisis, therefore, the recession is expected to result in a number of innovations in many daily processes.
STAN KULIAVAS | Canada | Vice President, Sales & Business Development at Levaero Aviation
Stan represents the sector of private business aviation selling, servicing and upgrading business jets to individuals and companies. On support side, they are actively engaged in humanitarian aid activities.
The largest COVID19 related adjustment took place in customer service essential to the survival of the company. The key success factor of the transition to predominantly digital communication were regular video check-ins and intensive messaging to keep the contacts as engaged as possible. It worked with staff management and engagement as well. The predominant cause for the communication was care.
As for the market, the sales halted starting with April, however, nowadays the customers are coming back with promising pace. The sales are slower mainly due  to closed borders and limited access to life checks.
As for the airlines, their business are down at the level of 20 per cent at best. The future restrictions to flight security (checks, food supply, cleaning), to staff protection are meant to make the recovery slow for the most resistant airlines and impossible for many.
CARLOS LEVENSTEIN | Brazil | Vice President, Sales and Marketing at MaQeo Technologies
Carlos added to the discussion the important factor of politics and political decisions that vary from country to country and from state to state and has huge effect on post pandemic economic and social development.
In Brazil, with huge numbers of diagnosed COVID19 patients and deaths, the pandemic is expected to cause 7 % drop in GDP, 18 % unemployment, 25-30 % business closures. On the other hand, exports stay stable and retail trade has successfully transferred online.
Business uncertainty has always been around and the best leaders have worked through and around them all the time. This crisis is different by its immense globality, however, the business infrastructure has not been affected as in many wars before.
As the pandemic restrictions recede, by its size and improved infrastructure, Brazil just like the USA will remain attractive for investments for the volume and stability of consumption. On the political level, Brazil just like the USA has procedures of political control and regulation.
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