GLL Online Swap | Vol 3 | Developing a Critical Eye for Security | Vytenis Benetis and Vilius Benetis

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VILIUS BENETIS | CEO & CSIRT/SOCs builder at NRD Cyber Security, Lithuania | Cyber security professional, focused on mission to Secure Digital Environments.
VYTENIS BENETIS | Director for Asia at i-intelligence, Lithuania | Military analyst with academic background of engineering sciences.
On Tuesday, May 26, we invited GLL members & friends working in the field of security worldwide to share their knowledge about a shadow behind our screens that is not visible but even more active since the start of pandemic. The panelists represented the variety of angles to study security and develop sustainable resilience.
To bring some clarity to cyber security from every day – personal and business – perspective, first of all, it shall be admitted that information on cyber security is very confusing and click bite based, and it is hard to say if the increased density of information is related to more activities or sharper eyes on this issue.
In order to get the context of obvious increase in cyber activity, lets start from understanding of simple things – origin of cyber attacks. They all are originated from humans rather than plain technology and have three major driving causes:
  • to earn money deploying online hacks instead of direct criminal activity,
  • to push through a certain message and create disturbance, or
  • to represent a certain ideology / country / regime and carry out a predefined agenda.
These activities would take place under all circumstances, therefore, it is really difficult to measure its pandemic-related increase.
However, Covid19 brought about a different business environment by bringing work computers home and exposing the same level of technological resilience to different human practices and everyday conditions. The businesses had to deal with larger scale of safe connections for safe work from home, variety of networks, gadgets and tools. In order to play it safe, business owners have to run a checklist of basic security hygiene: mindful approach to shared and distributed information, clearly defined processes of information protection, responsible approach to passwords and their usage, a routine of regular check-ups for work computers to make sure they do not have unwelcome random downloads, overall culture of trust to avoid psychological issues with employees.
On personal level, there is a security hygiene to follow and ensure minimal exposure either as a target or a gateway to desired information for cyber attacks: critical approach to the unfamiliar contacts getting in touch online using simple check-up, careful use of personal data and information on any online platform, well-protected personal identification data and mindful approach to authentication steps on all platforms, good awareness of help lines or reliable contacts to call in case of emergency.
A good check of vulnerability level –
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