Young and dynamic Lithuanian Community of the Netherlands has been undergoing the process of renewal. One person to thank for it is GLL member Sigita Jurkynaitė, Board Member of the Lithuanian Community there responsible for youth engagement. Thanks to her broad connections, the recent meeting with Vilnius Mayor R. Šimašius surprised by attendance and active participation. She studied humanitarian studies in Amsterdam University College, worked as an Executive Assistant at Lithuanian Embassy in the Netherlands throughout Lithuanian Presidency in the EU, and now she is a project manager at NGO GÉANT in the area of e-infrastructure, science and education within the framework of EC funding for research and innovations. She is driven by constant urge for learning inherited from young-at-heart grandparents and by the growing demand for cooperation and communication among the community members. In her opinion, global Lithuanians is the indefinite resource of knowledge, entrepreneurial energy, business connections, and they tend to cherish their connections to Lithuania. It is essential for the governing institutions to appreciate diaspora and treat it as expanded opportunities for the country rather than a loss.