Hawaii-born grandson of famous writer Alė Rūta and prominent architect Edmundas Arbas – Arbačiauskas Kimo Arbas became citizen of Lithuania in 1998 before our country entered NATO and EU driven by belief in its future. In his opinion, all applying for citizenship nowadays shall be challenged with half a year of voluntary work for Lithuania in order to prove the determination and loyalty. His mother was awarded the order of the “Knights Cross for Merits to Lithuania by President Dalia Grybauskaitė for her work organizing people to transmit news from unoccupied Kaunas radio to Scandinavia during the soviet massacres of Lithuanian citizens in 1991. Kimo is in process of development of technology preventing drivers from falling asleep at the wheel where he combines neuroscience with IT.  He won AT&Ts largest Hackathon of the year at CES, was invited to speak at AT&T Developer Summit as key note to 7500 audience and at AT&T Executive Summit in Dallas, Texas, for a panel on innovation. This time, he came in search for Lithuanian talent, and excellent matches in partnerships and seed funding