GLL is happy to share that TEDx talk of Kingsley Aikins in Vilnius last month on the value of diaspora to the home-country was picked by TEDx Editor as his favorite. This supports the idea spread by GLL – Diaspora Matters! (http://tedxtalks.ted.com/)
Based on the insights and recommendations of Kingsley Aikins, GLL together with a group of local over-achievers drafted a list of diaspora involvement measures and intends to further develop it in a series of workshops. They include short-term though high-impact initiatives such as international summer camps for local and diaspora teenagers and complex regional events boosted by international regional alumni, as well as long-term projects such as positive PR campaign of Lithuania targeted to diaspora, joint financial mechanisms to boost local economy and introduction of diaspora passport which would allow the growth of global Lithuanian population. The next step – GLL will organize the “Pragmatonas” workshop, where up to a hundred young active people will gather for two days to put those ideas into action plans and projects.

Your ideas on the topics above would be more than appreciated.