Since WLEF 2013 when Global Lithuanian Antanas Mockus attracted attention of the global Lithuanian community to the most tragic phenomenon of Lithuania – suicides which keep leading the list of death causes and keep Lithuania among “leading” countries, Global Lithuanian Leaders have taken active part in suicide prevention projects carried out in tight cooperation with help-line Jaunimo linija and top-experts of the area. At this point in time, GLL are happy to present the most successful initiative – small-scale pioneer suicide prevention project in Kupiškis, region with highest suicide rates. Strong team of local professionals, thorough analysis of the local situation, numerous brainstorming sessions of the experts, training courses for first-instance institutions and local communities resulted in concise and convenient algorithm / task chain successfully applied in reappearing critical situations. Sadly, they do reoccur but now people involved have access to help – of all kinds.
Kupiškis region is planned to become the example to follow for other communities. The existing legal system and infrastructure should be enabled and forced to function for the well-being of local people. All you need is the team with strong will.