It all started after World Lithuanian Economic Forum 2013 when the group of local top achievers inspired by sincere concern of Global Lithuanian Antanas Mockus gathered together and came with the list of inventive measures for suicide prevention. One of them, described as Community Care for People in Spiritual Pain, has grown into Kupiškis – Zarasai Research Project. It aims to collect the local data on suicides and existing structural algorithms of care, invite experts to carry out detailed analysis of the data and present the list of recommendations. The latest meeting took place on June 19 in Kupiškis where the synergy of local initiative, the enthusiasm of experts and integrative efforts of GLL made it possible to identify the problematic areas of the local algorithm and set up the meeting with local center of mental health.
Not only this project allows to set up the pattern of problems in suicide prevention, it triggers the local attention and raises overall awareness of need for cooperation.