GLL community introduced with the Lithuanian alternative data start-up Oxylabs


With digitalization and tech becoming increasingly relevant in all walks of businesses, GLL turned its spotlight on the leading alternative data company from Lithuania Oxylabs. Over 100 participants from 14 countries joined the GLL Meet&Greet event, aimed at acquainting the network with the inner workings of Lithuanian companies achieving global success.

“With cloud computing, AI and machine learning true capabilities to analyze data appeared. Prior it was a luxury available to few companies only,” – said Juras Jursenas, COO at Oxylabs Chief.  

He talked about the relevance of alternative data to every business, and growth in their team size and, as a result of that, their ambition. His speech provided insight into how the company managed to go from a small startup to an important player in the alternative data business, as well as provided tips as to what is important to keep in mind when trying to take one’s company into the global arena. 

In five years, Oxylabs grew from 5 to an organization of 280 people, and they keep growing exponentially, so you might want to explore career opportunities they offer:  

Meet & Greet events are part of the GLL Talent Reach program meant to introduce Lithuanian professional diaspora to career opportunities in Lithuanian companies.
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