GLL opens a CEO position as A.Kukelkaitė is stepping away


Fast-growing talent community Global Lithuanian Leaders is searching for executive leadership, offering an opportunity for a new CEO. After three years of leading the organization, Aušra Kukelkaitė, current GLL CEO, has decided to step away from her current position as of June 1 at the latest.

“Leading GLL was a challenge, a privilege, and a tremendous opportunity to grow both as a professional and a person. I have been fortunate to do what I love while making the best use of my natural talents. I am most grateful to the founders and Board for this given opportunity, for putting their trust in me, supporting me along the way, and giving me so much freedom to test bold new ideas with talented individuals from all across the world. As a result, I now feel ready to step further and pursue my other creative aspirations – both within and outside the field of GLL,” said Aušra.

In the last three years, GLL grew into a vibrant remote expat organization, with a firmly established network of clubs of Lithuanian professionals abroad, solid representation of diaspora professionals on the highest political level, and strong partnerships with ambitious Lithuanian businesses in their quest for global talents, connections, and know-how. More importantly, it became a more structured and financially stable organization thanks to cooperation with the Active Citizen Fund and many new opportunities evolving.

“On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank Aušra for her three years of leadership, hard work, and dedication as a CEO at GLL. She drove the organization through the turbulent times of the Covid uncertainty and took it as a next-level opportunity to make global Lithuanian professionals and clubs even more connected. We wish Aušra the very best of luck with her new ventures and certainly look forward to our further cooperation in other formats,” said Dalia Petkevičienė, co-founder and Board chair of GLL.

GLL is ready to continue its quest to become a high-net-value organization, which further empowers global Lithuania’s expats and clubs of Lithuanian professionals abroad to connect and make a difference.

A perfect candidate for the GLL CEO role should be an experienced professional with an entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of mission to rally the organization and its stakeholders around a shared purpose. In addition, they should aspire to become a public force and represent GLL worldwide in co-creating an innovative and thriving global Lithuania.

“At the moment, it is most important to find the best person to lead the GLL community and organization forward and ensure a smooth management transition. I then plan to take a couple of months of break and develop some particular ideas I have been carrying for some time. As the practice of GLL shows, once you get exposed to and lead such an amazing network and a vast range of topics it offers, the only direction forward is to dive deeper into one of them,” said Aušra.

Read more about this exciting career opportunity HERE or in the document below and apply by sending a link to your LinkedIn profile or your CV attached by March 10, 2022, to Use the same address should you have any questions.


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