GLL | Global Lithuanian Leaders in a partnership with Enterprise Lithuania invites Lithuanian companies to participate in the GLL Business Advisors program. It is a great opportunity for ambitious and growing companies, emerging innovators and entrepreneurs to receive consultations from Lithuania-affiliated most successful and experienced international professionals.

Some of the 50 advisors who have joined the program are John Mack, President & CEO of CIE Automotive China (Beijing, China), Angela Sinickas, President of Sinickas Communications, Inc. (Atlanta, US), Jurga Žilinskienė, Founder and CEO of Today Translations (UK, London), Donatas Saladis, Export Sales Manager Mid Europe and Germany at Concept Steels Limited (Wolverhampton, UK), Marcelle Juliet Sheiman, Adv., Chairman of the Isreal – South Africa Chamber of Commerce (Isreal, South Africa). More GLL Advisors.

GLL Business Advisors will advise in the areas of automotive & manufacturing, international business development, doing business in global markets, international law, finance, investment banking, communication measurements, consumer experience management, sustainable development projects, biotechnology, life-science, pharmacy and healthcare, FMCG, marketing strategies, startups, high-tech, management consultations, people management and more. In case when the company can not find the relevant advisor in their sector or foreign market in the already existing data base, GLL team will do an extra research according to the specific inquiry.

Ambitious growth potential and willingness to expand internationally are the main criteria for companies to enter this program.

Stages of the GLL Business Advisors program:

I.      Filling the application before 25 July  2 August

II.     Selection&matching: GLL team matching the selected applicants with the Advisors according to companies’ profiles and needs. A number of consultations agreed between a company and an Advisor

III.    Consultations being provided during the period of 6 months

IV.    GLL team helping for participants to evaluate the results of the program

The contributions of GLL Business Advisors are voluntary. To ensure the growth of professionals’ network Lithuanian companies will contribute the administrative fee of 300 LTL.

Don’t miss the change to gain experience from Lithuania-affiliated professionals.