GLL Annual Report 2020 Now Published


GLL Annual Report 2020In the face of the pandemic, Lithuanians worldwide demonstrated exceptional ingenuity, unity, and collaboration. They tackled both global problems and came together to solve pressing issues at home. All that and more was described in detail in the GLL Annual Report 2020.
Learn all about the highlights of the year in the GLL community, read the GLL Annual Report to know more about:

>> Expansion of the Network and new Clubs of Lithuanian Professionals;
>> Our response to the Covid-19 crisis;
>> Our part in the Parliament Elections 2020;
>> New initiatives and partnerships;
>> Highlights of the GLL Awards and Forum Season;
>> Budget of 2020.

Thank you for contributing to the GLL network with your time, effort, know-how, and finances. Financial contribution from our members and private partners accounted for 70% of the GLL revenue in 2020. It is what keeps us going, so please consider becoming a GLL Supporting Member here:

Read the Annual Report 2020 and Budget here>>