Sarunas Zableckis
WWF European Policy Office (Belgium)
Policy Officer

Expertise Areas: Agriculture/Forestry/Fishing. Sustainable development strategies for companies, environmental problem solving in business/ NGO’s, certified fisheries, consultations of EU policy implementation

Sarunas Zableckis is a policy officer at the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) responsible for advocacy and lobbying, policy setting, coordination of network activities. His specialties are expertise in coastal and marine management, natural resources management and sustainable development, fisheries and fishery policy, aquaculture, knowledge management and communications including web, database and GIS as well as project management, proposal writing, consultations, evaluations and review of international development projects.

The variety of interests and professional fields are reflected by his working experience and some awards for his research studies. Sarunas Zableckis  has worked as a consultant for leading international development organizations and leading research and policy advice center in the European Union, including World Bank, European Commission and Create-net.

Sarunas Zableckis holds a Bachelor degree in Ecological Biology from Vilnius University (Lithuania) and a Master degree in Marine Science from The College of William and Mary – School of Marine Science, United States of America.