Matas Simonavicius
Charge Automotive Ltd (United Kingdom)
Technical Director

Expertise Areas: Future mobility, electric and autonomous vehicle design and development, automotive engineering, strategy execution, project management, team building, mentoring, coaching, career advice.

Matas Simonavicius is a representative from United Kingdom, who believes in fully electric and autonomous future. He is currently working as a technical director in technology company Charge Automotive, which is transforming classic car by using cutting-edge electric technology while preserving their iconic design. For over 8 years of being in the industry, Matas has gained experience from such high-profile projects as ROBORACE – first autonomous racing platform in the world, which was created in order to develop mobility of future. By being involved in the project from the start, he led testing and development of the platform. Prior to that Matas was involved in the project Arrival, which is developing electric and smart delivery vehicles of future, where he has been working as a powertrain and system integration engineer. All this experience gained from working as an engineer all the way to management level allows to provide advice from the technical side of the project up to the strategy, leadership, team building, project management, mentoring, team building and much more.

Matas has received his BSc Honours in Motorsport Technology from United Kingdom Staffordshire University and MSc in Engineering Business Management from Coventry University.