Loreta Cipkus Dubray
Global Clinical Connections (USA)
CEO and President

Expertise Areas: Liaison between companies and vendors, vendor oversight, merging multiple departments’ work into one, negotiating contracts for work execution, global trial supplies oversight, booklet labels, supply chain management, remediation of audit observations

After years of preparation and hard work, Dubray turned an entrepreneurial idea into a successful small business.

Like many entrepreneurs, Dubray’s small business started out as merely an idea.  It was an idea she got after working for over 25 years in the pharmaceutical business.  In the pharmaceutical industry, once a drug passes preliminary testing, it must go through clinical trials with human volunteers before it can move further along in the process.  For many pharmaceutical companies, clinical trials are expensive and require large capital investment to cover the costs of doctors, testing, volunteers, etc.  Therefore, pharmaceutical companies want to avoid costs resulting from failed trials.  During her time in the pharmaceutical industry, Dubray noticed that many of the failed trials were the result of the issues specific to the “drug” such as labeling, processing, impurities, etc versus other trial related problems such as testing.  While the costs related to the drug are often only 15% of the total for clinical trials, drug problems can result in much larger costs if these problems lead to failed trails.  “Never give up on your idea or be afraid to ask for help.  And think everything through carefully.” said Dubray.