Jurate Virkutyte
Hammontree & Associates (USA)
Chief Environmental Officer, Director of Operations

Expertise Areas: Consulting services, environmental protection and renewable energy industy, engineering.

Jurate Virkutyte is the chief environmental officer at Hammontree & Associates responsible for environmental assessment and remediation, research and development, training.

Jurate Virkutyte is an environmental nanotechnology/materials scientist. Jurate has more than 4 years of experience as senior environmental consultant in Finland, Australia and Cincinnati. Jurate demonstrated ability to build rapport and resolve complex issues among multiple entities with conflicting interests.

Jurate focuses on working knowledge of industrial, governmental and research settings; development of remediation strategies: solid waste, water resources; Environmental Risk Assessment (Nanomaterials in Consumer products). She is an expert at Environmental Policy (Europe, USA and Australia), Engineering and Science and Federal (USA and Australia) and State (Ohio) regulations.

Jurate Virkutyte holds MSc degree in Environmental Engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Ph.D. in Environmental Technology at University of Eastern Finland.