Jonas Cicėnas
Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (Switzerland)
Annotator – Kinase Expert

Expertise Areas: Bioinformatics, Cell Biology, Proteomics, Biochemistry, Cancer, Protein Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Culture, Protein Kinases, Kinase Inhibitors, Signaling Pathways, Biomarkers, Targeted Therapy, Assay Development

Jonas Cicėnas’ research interests are focused on cell signaling (protein kinases in particular) and its role both in normal cells as well as in diseases, such as breast, prostate cancer and leukemia.

In the past Dr. Cicėnas worked a lot in the field of biomarker discovery and other clinics-related topics of cancer research and published several publications on the prognostic role of protein phosphorylation. He worked in Lithuania, Germany, USA, and Switzerland.
Currently Dr. Cicėnas is biocurator and kinase expert at the CALIPHO group, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, where the main focus of his research interests is on protein kinases, cancer and proteomics.

Dr. Jonas Cicėnas is also a founder of MAP Kinase Resource, an online knowledge platform and database dedicated to mitogen-activated protein kinases. He is the editor-in-chief of the related journal “MAP Kinase”.
Jonas also writes popular science articles for Lithuanian readers.

He received his PhD in biochemistry in 2004 at the University of Basel.