Inga Kilikeviciene
Market Entry & Outsourcing Services in Portugal, Legal Support (Portugal)

Expertise Areas: market entry & legal, chemicals industry, marketing strategies

Since 2008, Inga Kilikeviciene offers Market Entry & Legal Support services for foreign companies in Portugal. Among her clients, there are companies from the UK, Netherlands, Italy, Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine and, certainly, Lithuania. Inga also helps Portuguese businesses on globalization projects, on an individual company or professional association level. A major continuous project in the recent years relates to basic chemicals and industrial fragrances distribution.

Inga Kilikeviciene has published various articles on Real Estate in the leading Lithuanian and Russian dailies and magazines, a series of her articles on corporate legal aspects and business environment in Portugal have been published on globally renowned law and government information sites. Some of Inga Kilikeviciene’s articles have been granted Most Read Article Awards.

Inga continuously participates in the World Bank’s project Doing Business that provides reports on business regulations in 185 economies of the world.

Graduated from the University of Vilnius, Law Faculty, Inga Kilikeviciene started a rapidly developing legal career in one of the most famous Lithuanian commercial banks.